FloorsFixed.com Repair Services

Many times your floor just needs to be repaired, not entirely replaced. That’s where we come in. FloorsFixed.com can often just fix the damaged part on your floor and match it to the same surrounding area. Our team can come out and give you options based on the exact situation in your space. Many projects are completed in just a couple hours and for just a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire room or floor.

Tile Repair Service

Floors Fixed can repair uneven, cracked, damaged or worn-out tiles in a certain area without having to redo your entire tile floor. Many times just a few surrounding tiles need to be replaced to make things look new again. Our experienced flooring experts understand how tile and grout works to match things up and make your floor look great. Stop suffering with cracks that detract from your home’s value, repair your tile floor with FloorsFixed.com today.

Carpet Repair Service

Carpet feels great, but thanks to pets, foot traffic and stains, sometimes you wind up with a spot that just looks awful. We fix carpet all the time! We carefully remove the damaged carpet area and replace it with a new piece of carpet and cut and blend everything to make it look new again. Much easier than replacing the carpet in an entire room or even your whole house. Give us a call to schedule you in right away. Most jobs are completed in just a couple hours or less.

Laminate Repair Service

Laminate flooring has come a long way, but since it is a synthetic product, it can still suffer damage from water, scratches and normal wear and tear. Rather than replacing your entire floor, just fix it with FloorsFixed.com’s master flooring repairmen. We can usually cut out the damaged section and rearrange replacement panels to fit and make the damage disappear. Give us a call and let’s see when we can come out fix your laminate.

Hardwood Floor Repair Service

Hardwood floors look beautiful, but because the floor is real wood, scratches, water damage, warping and discoloration can happen. From water spots made from dog bowls, to years of foot traffic in a key spot, FloorsFixed.com can repair your hardwood floor without having to replace the entire area. Your can save thousands of dollars and have your floor looking great again.

Linoleum / Vinyl Repair Service

Not all linoleum and vinyl flooring products were made equal and rather than replacing the entire floor, often a key section can be cut and spliced into the damaged area. Much depends on the pattern and how much damage the floor has, but we are very good at repairing linoleum and vinyl flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and anywhere in your home. Contact FloosFixed.com to schedule a visit to repair your floor quickly and affordably.